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About Us

February 24, 2020

I'm Steven Sides and I play Victor Stodge. New to D&D and roleplaying, but excited to learn and be a part of the storytelling process.




I'm Richard Collins and I play Aleister. I've been into tabletop games for about 16 years. I'm really excited to play in this campaign as it is the most unique that I have ever been a part of.




 Hi, I’m Maximillian Steele and play Dr. Julian Cottage. I’ve been an off and on Tabletop player. I build minis and play lots of video games. I’m terrible at twitter but check me out at @MaxandMonsters. Stay spooked!




I'm Adam Culbertson and I'm your Dungeon Master. I've been DMing for a year, before releasing this podcast, and it has proven amazing therapy for me and a healthy creative outlet. None of us are professionals by any means, but I hope our story can entertain, inspire, and help others find the joys of playing TTRPGs. I'm typically more active on social media for the podcast but I'm @Bopbarker on twitter if you want to follow me.





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